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At Gen6 we can perform network assessments to help you understand whether or not you are following best practices.


In an assessment, there is no “standard”. The Assessors are there to find out why people have chosen to do things the way they do and what other options have been considered. The objective is therefore learning; if that’s what we want to achieve, are we doing the right things?

In an audit, you have a “standard” and an explanation of how the activity should be performed (normally a process or procedure). Together, these are prescriptive; they define how things SHOULD be done. The auditor is there to check firstly whether the described process conforms to the standard and secondly whether the operators are following the described process. An audit is therefore a control to check whether people are doing what they are told they should be doing.

At Gen6, we can help you with the assessment function to help you understand if your systems are doing what you expect them to do, and what some other options are for the future.

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