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At Gen6 we can help you evaluate your phone system and fit you with a VoIP system that meets your needs.

Most small offices, feel neglected when it comes to a phone system because the features they want are often only available in larger phone systems.  We can help you find a system to meet your needs while keeping the small business budget in mind.


Cloud Managed VoIP solutions have a lower upfront cost and are typically charged as a monthly fee per user. Using VoIP with an on-site server has a higher cost upfront, but then no recurring monthly fee.

A cloud managed phone system can often have a very low total cost of ownership due to the savings in IT personnel and because your hosted provider takes care of server configuration and maintenance. Depending on the size and structure of your business this can be an advantage of hosted VoIP over on premises based systems.



Often, the way to get the most robust phone system for a small to medium business office, is to go with a cloud managed system.  This means that the brains of your phone system will be handled by a system in the cloud and not on your premises.  This means you don’t have to have expensive equipment to manage or power.  The brains of the system are managed and maintained by the phone system provider which means you always have the latest and greatest running on your system and don’t have to worry about upgrades.  With a cloud managed system, you also have the ability to manage your phone from anywhere there is an internet connection which means you can change the way you handle calls without actually having to be in the office.  Ask us for more information.



Gen6 can help you sort through the different options for this type of system.  With an on premise system you’ll have higher up front costs because of the equipment needs.  Whether it’s a server or an appliance to run the software, you’ll have the expense of the equipment to run the “brains” of the system.   Some important things to consider for this type of system are your existing infrastructure,  scalability and management.  For the existing infrastructure, Gen6 can come in and assess your systems to determine if you already have what you need to support an on premise system.  For scalability, you’ll need to assess your growth and take that into account when making your decision.  For management, you’ll need to consider how the system will be managed since all system changes and upgrades will be your responsibility.


Set up an appointment for one of our staff to come out and do an initial assessment and discuss your needs so we can provide a meaningful proposal.

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