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Generation 6 Technologies specializes in Cisco products including Meraki, but we have the experience necessary to help you with whatever your needs.  We are “The Expert” you are looking for.

Whether you need a new IT support organization or an IT expert to partner with your existing vendors to ensure your technology infrastructure is fast, secure, and reliable, we are there to help.  We make IT easy because we are the “Easy IT Guys.”

The Meraki Story

Gen6 can help you meet your networking needs by moving your management to “the cloud”.  Meraki is a great solution to help you manage your systems, or a way to have us easily manage it for you.

"The Expert"

At Gen6, we try to meet all of your expectations.  All consultants have to deal with challenging situations at some point and this is an example.

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At Gen6, we provide technical consulting for organizations to help them meet and exceed their goals…more info

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We’ll help you find a more powerful phone system to meet your needs…more info

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We’ll provide your network support services or complement your existing staff. We’ll be a partner you can count on…more info

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We’ll assess your network to ensure you are providing services in a “best practices format…more info

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